Jeff Berryman

Jeff Berryman worked at the UBC Computing Centre from 1970 to 1988. Most of that time was spent in the Systems Group, working on the various parts of MTS. From the late 70's on, he was active in the MTS community, working with various people at the other sites on a number of MTS evolutionary issues. He became something of a futurist and change advocate, thinking up interesting ways to change MTS. Some of these ideas found their way into implementation. Others just created a lot of enjoyable conversation.

After MTS, he worked for about six years in a couple of government-supported nonprofit organizations whose jobs were to develop local technology companies through collaboration with universities, artists, and each other. In 1994, he returned full-time to his other main interest - audio engineering, with specialties in large-format loudspeaker design, and sound reinforcement system control and modeling. In this role, he still does a lot of programming, but all on the applications side.