MTS was built by a group of people who differed in some ways, but one of their shared characteristics was a tendency to have strong opinions. One of the marvels of the MTS community was that so many people who held such different opinions managed to find a way to work well together.

Elsewhere on this site you will find factual information on MTS and its history. In contrast, this page is an anchor for opinion. You can think of it as the Op/Ed page for the MTS Wiki. The idea is for people to write here about the "why" of MTS and the significance of MTS, rather than the "what", "when", and "how" of MTS.

Since the opinions of the people who built MTS are unlikely to have lost much of their strength (even if their manner of expression may have mellowed a bit), the standard Wiki model of free-for-all editing of a common set of pages may not work as well here. Instead, the suggested structure is for people to place a link here which points to one or more pages that express their opinions and judgment about the meaning and significance of MTS.

John Hogg at UBC

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