Ralph Sayle

I (Ralph Sayle) started working at UBC's Computing Centre as a computer operator on an IBM 7040 machine in 1968. Four months later UBC got MTS and the great adventure began.

My projects, when I joined the programming side, included writing the MTS side of the UBC Front End processor, working on Resource Manager routines like a new MSG, various DSPs (including spooling) plus the DSPDSR which was a cunning interface between the world of MTS and the coding convention world of the Subtasking Monitor. I fell onto the AkRoutines in 1980, another J Berryman project, which was a table driven approach to system accounting, quite lovely, incredibly stable, very versatile and made MTS accounting painless.

Time flew, the world changed and in 1993 I was "traded" to UBC's Applied Science faculty where I lasted until 2003 when I... retired!

Thanks guys! MTS was a great project to work on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am happy I was able to make so many contributions to our community!!!